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Blendtec vs Vitamix

Hey guys – James here and I’ve recently started working out again and eating healthier.  And I started looking for the top blender and two brands constantly came up in my research – Blendtec and Vitamix.  This site is devote to which has the best blender on the market and to help you find the best price.

I’ve broken this down into 6 components that you can see here –

  1. Blender Specifics
  2. Blender Performance
  3. Warranty Comparison
  4. Features
  5. Blending and Juicing
  6. Cleanup

There are several blenders that are available in the market.

But, if you’ve done any research, then you know, the real competition is between the two which are considered as the best by many.

They are Blendtec and Vitamix, both are high priced blenders and before you decide to buy any one of them, you should be sure that you will get good return on your investment. I’m going to share with you on this site tips and my review of both blenders, so that you can make a decision that which one is better for you.

First here’s a breakdown of the top 2 models that both companies have to offer along with their ratings as well as price.

Blender ModelDimensionsUser RatingsPrice
Blendtec Home The Professional's Choice Total Blender

Blendtec Home Professional's Choice Total Blender
Blendtec Designer Series Wildside

Vitamix 5200s

Vitamix CIA Professional


Now that you’ve seen the breakdown, lets see how the top 2 models stack up from everything from Warranty to Clean up.



Performance in Blending

As given above there is a difference in the power of both the blenders. Vitamix 5200 has less power than Blendtec, but this doesn’t mean that it has any limitations. There is nothing that can be blended in Blendtec and can’t be blended in Vitamix.

But there is a better range of controls that is available in Vitamix as the RPM range of the blender is 500 to 37,000; this is a good plus over Blendtec as you can’t run it in slower speeds.

None of these blenders is a good chopper, but due to slower speeds Vitamix gives better result while chopping.

Durability and Warranty

As far as durability is concerned the Vitamix gives you a feel of industrial and heavy duty product due to its bigger size, but the feel of Blendtec s completely different as its lighter and has a smaller size.

The warranty available in Vitamix is complete and full use for 7 years. But in case of Blendtec the 7 years warranty is only available when the product is brought through an Blendtec authorized dealer or directly though Blendtec. There is also the option of extended warranty that is being provided by both the companies at an extra cost.

Vitamix is a company which is in the business of making blenders from the past 70 years, but Blendtec has only been in this business for the past 6 years.


Blenders of Vitamix are completely made in the USA, but blenders of Blendtec are assembled and designed in the USA. Both the companies have a track record of great customer service and honoring their warranty.

Blender Features

Both the blenders are easy to use, but the main difference is in the controls of these blenders. There is a tamper that is provided with every Vitamix blender, which is used to assist in the blending of whole foods. This tamper although not much necessary, is particularly useful in making nut butters, thick puddings and frozen entrees. But in case of Blendtec you would need to add additional liquid to completely blend the material without stopping the blender.

Complete manual control is provided by Vitamix while blending as it has variable speed. But Blendtec blenders come with a Smart Touch technology; with this blender you get the freedom of programming the blending. All you need to do is push a button and leave; the blender will run automatically and will stop on completion. Blentec keeps track of blending time and cycles as it is a microprocessor controlled blender. This way you can pre-program a cycle and use it anytime with just push of a button.

Vitamix will keep running until shut off manually or thermal protection activates due to over-heating. But Blendtec will shut down automatically after 50 seconds of operations, unless you have chosen a program cycle.

Who Has the Edge In Dry Blending?

For both the blenders while dry blending there is no additional container that is required.

For grain grinding occasionally, both the grinders are good. But if you want to use the grinder for regular grain grinding then Vitamix will be a better investment for you.

Which Makes The Best Smoothies?

Both the blenders do superb work while making delicious vegetables and fruit smoothies. In this field it is really difficult to say which one is better. Both perform equally well.

In Blendtec sometimes program cycles don’t give desired results, but there is also an option of manual control if you are not satisfied by the result. But sometimes these program cycles work just perfect.


Neither of the machines are made for juicing, so they don’t take out juices from fruits. But they do make whole food juices. The difference is that a normal juicer separates the juice and the pulp from the food item, but these blenders make a paste of the food item which can be drank as a juice and thus there is no waste product. So drinking a juice without pulp would require you to strain the whole food juice that you got from these blenders with a cloth.


Cleaning Blendtec is easier as it has a smooth square design and 2 prong blade, which gives better access for cleaning the blender. But this is not easy in Vitamix as it has a 4 prong blade system. You can easily clean them by putting them in hot water and soap. Using dishwasher is not recommended for both the blenders. The best thing to do is wash the blenders after the use immediately. This will keep them in good condition for long time.

The Final Verdict

Comparing Vitamix and Blendtec is a debate whose true answer lies on the requirements of the user.

Both the products have their advantages and disadvantages which are discussed in the above review and will help you in making a wise decision while choosing the one right for you.